Here is a Quick Way to Commission a Painting Online

So, you are interested to create some impressive artworks? There is a long list of ideas for paintings, it might be depicting a story about any memorable moment of your life, a portrait of your pet, a funny image of your kid doing some crazy activities, family portrait commission or an imagination deep inside your heart. It doesn’t matter what are your plans for your painting; because you will always find a person who can give shape to your dreams. Artists have this creativity in their blood and they know the tact of creating masterpieces.

When we talk about commission an oil painting, there are so many factors that you need to think about. In order to hire the best and most suitable artist for your work, prefer to follow the tips below:

Be specific about your idea:

The very first thing that you have to do before initiating your search for an artist online is to narrow down your search area. Sit down and plan for what kind of paint you actually want the artist to create for you, once your painting style is finalized then you have to choose relevant keywords to initiate your search. It can be about fantasy, animals, portrait and many more. You can initiate a search for artists who are expert in watercolors, digital designs, oil painting, ink work or pencil based designs. It completely depends upon your vision about the painting.

Start your search:

Once you have shortlisted your keywords, next task is to initiate your search online. You can check the webpages of artists and try to verify if they work for commissions or not. Also, prefer to art commissions prices so that you can also shortlist them as per your budget. Their charges may vary depending on so many factors, as per their experience, a variety of materials they will use to create a painting or as per the terms of their business.

Initiate contact:

As soon as you have prepared a list of 5-10 best contacts for your artwork, it is time to contact them personally. You can ask few questions from them: do they work on commissions, are they able to work for the type of work you have in your mind and estimated portrait commission prices if you hire them. These questions will help you to finalize the best artist for your pet portrait commission work.

Sign a contract:

When you are looking for someone who can work for you on commissions, it is good to follow the contract mode for work. As we are connected to digital media these days so emails can work like contracts for your work but make sure you have documented them perfectly.

Let them know about your expectations:

This part is really essential because if you want them to meet your vision then it is important to help them understand what you have in your mind. Indeed, they are not the mind readers, they have artistic skills and they need an idea about your expectations to frame them on a piece of paper.