Oil Paints Review

ahem our dealings from house garage art you can find us by googling house garage art or just google our dealings and today I’m just going to talk just a little bit about some of the traditional oils I use and the brushes and this brush washer these are Cinelli A’s bought these in a set you can sometimes find them on sale if you buy the regular tubes they can be quite expensive but they’re nice paints they have a buttery finish a buttery buttery smooth feel and consistency to them I like them a lot there they have very deep pigments the same with the Lukas 1862 brand oil paints these are very nice oil paints as a friend of mine a woman who paints recommended these to me and I like them a lot I also use these schminke new Seanie paints this the schminke brand they’re very very nice paints these are probably my favorite paints I’ve ever used they’re in the traditional oil they’re very nice Thank You Liza I’d also like the home-buying this is a Japanese paint they’re very nice they have some very brilliant transparent colors which I like a lot I tend to use those in both the traditional and water-based oils these are Daniel Green paints which I use and I like as well so the and here’s a van Gogh that I use and like as well there are several paints that I don’t like I won’t really mention them but if you don’t see them here they’re not they’re not ones I really use although from time to time I use old Holland which is also a nice paint but very expensive and then these brushes I use a track l RT r e ke ll trick L brushes you go to trickle calm these are great brushes they make great hogs hair brushes they’re made in the United States very nice brushes I like to make I have those in brights and filbert’s and those are great and then if you go to blick and look under the dip if you go dip flick and look under master stroke you’ll find either sable or synthetic brushes these black ones are very mr.

Main Japan and they’re very very well made brushes I like those another thing from Turkey all I have are the Bill Whitaker William Whittaker Whittaker signature brushes here these are very nice brushes here I just have a nice little liner which I enjoy and this is a paint washer this is a new brand stainless steel paint wash but with a rubber gasket so you won’t spill your fluid out of here or your a solvent very nice there’s the the it’s got a nice deep reservoir and the filter so your sediment goes to the bottom and your brushes remain in the solvent very nice and I like it a lot and when you snap these on here I guarantee you won’t get any leakage this is very very tight and it’s a great little portable brush master I’m sure you’ll enjoy it all right that’s it for more check us out at morale house garage art or check out marty own house garage art thank you