LEIA & R2-D2 Forces Of Destiny Star Wars PAINTING

In today’s video I’ve got another Star Wars video for you all. So in my last video I created a painting of Rey and BB8 I’ll link it here incase you didn’t see it. So today I’m going to be painting Leia and R2D2 and I’m so excited! I’m going to be working from this image which is actually on the back of this Hasbro figure, which I was kind of inspired by. Hasbro was kind enough to send me this, so thank you Hasbro and if you watch until the end I’m actually going to be unboxing this figure, so you can watch me unbox it, if you like unboxing videos! I feel like I said unboxing too many times just then. So let’s get started with this video. So here we have Leia and R2D2, so cute! So I’m going to snip these little snippy bits! Snipperoo…


Oooh! I’m so awkward at doing stuff like this! There’s another snippy bit… This one! My attempt at doing this is so feeble. Oooo! So there’s Leia, and I’m going to get the R2D2 out as well. So, snip that! Yeyy! hehe so cool! There’s Leia’s blaster. So here is Leia and R2D2. I really like R2-D2. He can stand up on his own. And Leia looks really cool; I love her outfit it’s the ‘Hoth’ outfit. I’ll just zoom in a bit so you can see… So this is the Hoth Leia from Empire Strikes Back. It’s the outfit she’s kind of wearing, it’s a warm outfit for the snowy climate. There’s R2D2; Leia can hold her blaster…And I wonder which hand it goes in? I think it’s really cool that the figures can actually hold these things and the fingers go in the right places.


I love her hair style. So yeah it’s really nice. I like R2D2 he’s cool you can just wooo. I’ll go and get my BB8 and Rey and put them next to each other. Yeah they are really cool! The joints kind of move, you can take the boots off if you want, there’s a little jacket. It’s really well articulated, it says if you squeeze her legs she kind of spins. Yeah, she kind of spins a little bit when you push the legs together.




So yeah it’s really cool! I’m going to go and get Rey and BB8. So here’s Rey and Leia together and then there’s BB8; So these are the ones that I’ve got so far. I’m actually going to do another one. I’ve got another Leia which is really cool! Once again I’d just like to say thank you to Hasbro and Disney for sending these to me because they are really cool and it’s very kind of you! I think Rey is my favourite one, Rey and BB-8, so far.


If you are interested in star wars wall art, you can go to cheapwallarts.com, they have big collection of star wars canvas art.


But Leia and R2D2 are pretty cool! So yeah they are really cute! I like them! Good job, Disney and Hasbro, good job! So thank you so much for watching this weeks video I really hope you enjoyed it. If you did please do thumbs it up and feel free to share it. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you all very soon. Byeeee! .