Deleuze’s terminology

Deleuze’s terminology graphically evokes the way in which elements from the past may disrupt the present signified in an image. A recollection image is an image that exists on the plane of the present but has the power to evoke a plane of the past. If an event is represented as a smooth, consistent plane […]

Films that are produced in contexts

Films that are produced in contexts that breach the boundaries of nation and question nationalist narratives can be called transnationalist documentaries.  They neither describe international trajectories that leave national boundaries intact, nor remain within the levelling and totalizing narratives of multinational capital. Transnational documentary, then, traces the effects of cultural and national intermixing at a […]

The transnational object

In Marta Rodriguez’s Love, Women and Flowers (1989/90) the transnational object is a carnation that travels from Colombian hothouse to KLM jet to European florist. The film takes a highly cultivated flower — it seems to grow right in the refrigerator — and endows it with the haunting histories of women’s labor. The flower’s low […]