December – 6th January

‘Figuratives’ and’ Miniatures’ – Themed Show

11th – 27th January

Death and Decay – Closed Group

1st – 24th February

Simon Buttimore and friends – Closed Group

1st – 24th March

Sarah Hendy, Artist in Residence – Solo

29th March – 21st April

Human Condition – Themed Show

26th April – 19th May

Vici Blackburn – Closed Group

24th May – 9th June

TT Show – Details to follow

14th June – 30th June

Gardens: Marg Hewson & Friends – Closed Group

5th July – 21th July

Coast: Sayle Gallery Artists – Themed Show

26th July – 11th August

James Duggan – Solo

16th August – 31st August

Eileen Schaer ‘Out of the Ordinary’ an exhibition of painting by Eileen Schaer – Solo

6th September – 22nd September

Celtic Silk Hangings – Silk Festival

27th September – 27th October

Kurt Schwitters -TBC

8th November – 24th November

Andrea Byrne – Solo

29th November – 5th January

Christmas Show – Sayle Gallery Artists