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Hello, I’m Jennifer with Jennifer Decorates and in today’s video, it’s all about a home tour of one of our very favorite clients- stay tuned. Well, it was decorating day and I took along my daughter-in-law Alice, which you’ve probably seen in a video before, And we had a little teeny six-month-old stowaway that came along as well. This is one of my very favorite clients. She has been with me for three years and has worked side by side with both Alice, and I Today’s decorating day focus was mainly for her outdoor patio, a little bit in her dining room and then accessorizing and decorating a bonus room upstairs So without further adieu. Let me take you along with this tour Alice. Do we say it’s like HDTV, Like it’s done real fast in 30 minutes? No, This is what they don’t show Putting all this together- and the guys sweating the back, but he’s cute. I like him. Okay, today was noted as the hottest day of the year, of course, we’re doing a patio design. But I wanted you to talk to Alice for a minute because she did a lot of this design.

Deborah who’s, one of our favorite clients. What did she want out here? Color Number one thing: Bright: happy, color, Look at this- Ottomans, with a ton of color, All the color and we did pillows and we did rugs and we added a lot of coziness. We have string lights, we have white panels, a little bar, cart Cute accessories and she is our funnest client, so we can’t wait until she comes home Next, we headed in to cool off and decided to go work on the bonus room /office. This was a really large room, but we begin to focus with the accessories that we placed in the bookshelf.

We sectioned off this room and made one large area, the entertainment area, As we pan around the room. The client had a great idea of painting a darker color in the alcove, and I thought it turned out beautiful. We were able to place a very large green armoire on the wall and then to add symmetry. I hung four map prints, two on each side, and then we also placed the exact same chair on each side of the armoire. Next was the fun part of accessorizing. The armoire I love to find unique accessories, I’m probably always going to have some old books somewhere. I just love them. We also pulled out a drawer and set some of the old books inside

These chairs and the armoire came from the Joanna Gaines Magnolia Home line. Next, we added custom draperies Beautiful colors. In these we hung them high up on the wall and it just added a lot of softness to the entire room On the coffee table. We place a galvanized tray with some old books, bookends a cute bunny and some greenery. On the other side, we play some coffee table books and a string of wood beads As you step down into the bathroom. That was a perfect spot for a very narrow console. A lamp and a little bit of accessories Love the clients desk, and you might recognize this lamp. It’S one of my favorites. It sits in my office as well When it comes to accessorizing, if you can think outside the box and find really unique and different things.

I found these old pool balls at the flea market that I just placed inside of an old dough bowl On the back of the couch. We have a console table and we found an old, huge cloche that we filled with wood numbered balls. We very carefully filled that cloche with those balls and then in the middle of the table. We added more coffee table books that the client had and then candlesticks. This is a warm and happy room. The top landing was big enough that we could put a console, a mirror, two pretty lamps and a few accessories and I’ll tell you something, I’m all about putting a little bit of positive affirmation in every room. She had another area where she could put a beautiful bench and, on top she put two sweet happy pillows Next onto her kitchen- didn’t really need a lot of accessorizing. It is a super happy kitchen On the top of her bar is a round cutting board with a simple white pitcher, a little bit of greenery and a candle nestled in the middle

Her kitchen table was accessorized very sweetly with four place settings Very happy colors. We moved on to the dining room, Scott begun hanging, her brand-new drapes and on each side of her drapery panels. I hung black sconces and inside I placed one of my very favorite things and that is flameless candles. What I love about them. First of all, I can’t catch your house on fire, but what I love about them is when you turn them over on the bottom. There is an on and off switch, but there’s a timer switch When it begins to get dark in your room, and you put it on timer. The candle will run for four hours and shut off and it will turn on at the exact same time, every single night run for four hours and turn off until the batteries run out.

That is why they’re one of my faves – This is the view as you come down her stairs, It’s a totally beautiful view of her dining room. Of course you know how I love florals, so I’m gon na have a floral somewhere, and I love this orchid. I tell you something else that I absolutely love and that is having the dining chairs on the inset all the same, and then the captain’s chairs being totally opposite. The last thing I want to share with you is the guest bedrooms. My clients entertain a lot of out-of-town guests and they have made each room so warm and inviting I hope you enjoyed that home tour. I hope there was something maybe that inspired you something you could do in your own home. I want to say sincere thank you to our clients, who, let us film, Be sure to subscribe to my channel. Leave me a comment. I try to answer every single one of your comments. Don’T forget to hit the bell because it’ll tell you the minute. I have a new video out have a wonderful day.