Margaret Claydon

Born in Alderwasley, Derbyshire – moved to Branston in Lincolnshire and originally trained to be an architect. This was abandoned due to an inability to count bricks and take plumbing seriously. Then I joined the County Hospital pathology/cytology team to view sliced humans at microscopic level. The IOM produced my time in the wilderness, a confused era being a jobbing artist painting everything asked of me. Antique restoration and the ability to provide a patchworked, pyrographed, tie dyed corn dolly with batik and driftwood accessories taught me how please everyone. Then, a lost soul, I discovered the Courtyard gallery which provided exhibition space and the late lamented Singer & Friedlander Competition provided me with prizes. Gouache is my painting medium and printmaking my first choice of excitement. Nothing can come close to sitting in a warm shed sniffing creosoted wood, mixing inks and making a complete mess.