Charlotte Jane Henry

Born in Douglas, 1961, the Island continues to be a source for my inspiration, illustrated in my books: ‘Portrait of Mann’ and ‘ACTION MANN!’ Having studied Fine Art, in England, I returned to my native home as a freelance artist. In 1993, my painting was honoured with Best Manx Subject prize, in the Singer and Friedlander Competition. I am married to Shane Lucas, a sculptor. We have two boys, Quentin and Cedric, both artistic! My favourite medium is etching – a traditional method of hand producing limited edition prints, from an original design which I etch into a metal plate. An example of this work is displayed here. In my recovery (hopefully) from alcohol addiction and breast cancer, I view each day in very fresh light! My recent artwork expresses feelings I have experienced, particularly regarding alcohol. I have captured these in my booklet; ‘Relapse and Recovery’.