Andrea Byrne

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History of Art BA & MEd. Illustration at Chelsea. Began painting during prolonged illness & five years in hospital. Family artists, include Joseph-Henri Léveille.
Working Method, Pen & ink & pencil.
Current work
“Commedia dell’arte to Ballet Russe”
Portraits of dancers in minutely detailed costumes.
Costumes dictated much of what movement was possible, making it as important a feature as the individual. Whilst the early Commedia freely somersaulted, the 18thC. fashion for restrictive silks & corsets necessitated a rigid torso & stiff, slight gestures. White gauze, and tight slippers helped create the illusion of the balletic sylph & started a fashion for the 19thC fragile femininity. Then, in 1913 the Ballet Russe danced “Rite of Spring” semi-naked & caused riots, but re-established a freedom of movement in dance.
Recent exhibitions: Sayle; Italy (Apricale); France (Nice); Peel. “Gods of the Dance”: Published Sept 2012